Babies are a wonderful thing in our world. We love to see them grow and accomplish each of their steps. One of the crucial things of taking care of a baby is to provide them with nutritious food. Good food helps to make them healthy and it makes up a good immunity system. When a mother is weaning their baby from breast milk, she has to make baby foods which will be as nutrition-rich as the milk. People often go for processed baby food that they get in the market. Instead, they can make the food at their home. So, here we will mention some easy baby food recipes which are quick to make and they fill up the tummies of the little munchkins. Do make sure that your baby is 6 months and above when you introduce these foods.

  • Sweet Potato Puree:

Babies need an adequate amount of protein which will help their muscles to grow. If you didn’t already know, sweet potato is a staple ingredient for good protein. It is very easy to make this recipe as you only need to boil the sweet potato in water and then mash it. Babies love this food as it has a nice taste and it also looks quite attractive because of its color. You can always blend the boiled sweet potato to give it a silkier texture.

  • Brown Rice Cereal:

Most of the moms will come across packaged brown rice cereal in the grocery stores. A bad thing about them is that they are full of preservatives which isn’t good for a 6-month-old baby. They do not know that it is very simple to make brown rice cereal at their home. All they will need is brown rice and they can blend it to a fine powder and store it in an airtight container. At the feeding time, they can take the adequate amount of powdered brown rice and add it to boiling water and whisk it thoroughly to avoid any lumps until it turns into a creamy texture. This is one of the most nutritious foods that a mother can give to their baby and it can also be the first solid food that the child has.

  • Mashed Fruits:

When the baby turns 7 months, the pediatricians do suggest parents give them certain fruits and vegetables. They increase the taste palate of the baby and the parents also get to know about their likes and dislikes. One of the easiest things that a parent can do is to mash up things like apples, bananas, peaches and avocados for their baby. They should always avoid those fruits which generally are known as allergens. Babies generally love the sweet taste and have these foods without any denial.

If you are a new mom it is often difficult to choose a baby food among the number choices that you have in the market. So, to be on the safer side try to provide your baby with these foods. We will also suggest you use organic ingredients as they are always better for a baby.