Crib quilt sets are a great place to start when deciding on a nursery theme. Use as less nursery bedding as possible, because the more bedding there is, the greater the danger to the infant. Feel free to fill the crib with all of the extras that came with the luxury baby bedding set while the baby is awake, but take out all but the necessary pieces when it’s time for baby to sleep. A baby depends on his or her parents to protect him or her against dangers such as suffocation, and some items included in baby bedding sets can increase the risk.

Crib bedding is expected to be comfortable and durable, with enough padding to make sure that your infant will never be in discomfort while he or she sleeps. A wide variety of crib sets in favorite designs and color compositions suitably created for boys and girls makes Banana Fish an ever popular brand name of luxurious crib bedding. For the latest in designs and colors in crib bedding, check out the Banana Fish Migi line, along with their more traditional choices. The 4-piece Banana Fish crib bedding set includes a comforter, dust ruffle, bumper pad, and crib sheet; while the 6-piece set includes all of these plus a window valance and diaper sticker. There is a five piece bedding also from Banana Fish set by Skip hop line.

If you don’t know the gender of your unborn child, or plan to reuse the bedding for boys and for girls, then you can purchase unisex baby crib bedding sets. Parents need to settle on the size of their crib early in the process, since the crib is the most important feature in the nursery. A changing table top on a dresser not only saves space and gives you needed storage in your nursery, but for tall parents, puts your baby at a more convenient height.

As your baby grows and develops, the nursery will need to be updated reflecting your child’s new preferences. Nursery bedding purchases in advance of the birth are so much easier when there are no gender-specific designs involved. You can have a unique decor for your nursery if you add personal touches to a bedding set whose patterns and colors you prefer.

Changing the decor of your nursery is so easy and affordable with all the new designs and colors available in inexpensive crib bedding choices you will find yourself changing the decor quite often. Style-conscious parents have no other choice than choosing for modern crib bedding these days.