It isn’t as easy for us as it was for our parents when it comes to buying baby strollers and car seats. Our parents did not have the wide selection of these items that we do to choose from as there were only a few makers. There is such a wide variety these days that it can be very confusing on which models and makes to buy. Be reading this article you will gain some tips to help you find the right baby stroller and car seat for yours and your childs needs.

The first and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind is safety. This applies to baby strollers and car seats. The safety of your child comes first above all else. When looking at strollers and car seats you need to make sure that the manufacturers have put them through the gambit and they have tested true. The baby strollers should have an automatic lock that engages when you unfold it to keep the stroller from folding back up with your child sitting in it. The car seats should be governmental-backed, which means that it should be approved by the government to meet safety and law requirements.

Baby Strollers:

For baby strollers there are a few things to consider. First you should see how easy it is to fold and unfold. There are many models that allow you to open and close the strollers with one hand, which is great when the other hand is glued to your child. The next item is the brakes, make sure that they operate easily. Many of the models on the market have brakes that engage on th back whell with a simple touch of your foot. The handle is the third thing that you should consider. Lots of strollers made thse days have little tray that you can put your items in, like shopping bags, your cell phone, cup holders and a place to hold your purse. You last point of concern needs to be what exactly the stroller is built out of. Does the stroller seem like it is going to hold up through some abusive years, or does it seem like it is made from cheap lightweight materials. Heavier strollers are made from steel or aluminum and will last much longer than the lightweight ones that are made from plastic.

Car Seats:

Choosing the car seat for your child is more about what will work best for you and your child, other than the initial safety requirements. There are car seats that are specifically designed for each stage of your child’s growth. Seats that are “rear facing”, are made for children that are 20 poounds or less and less than a year old. For children of 1 year to 4 years your child needs to have a forward facing car seat. A booster seat is designed for older children in the age group of between 4 and 8 and under 4″9″” tall. After that, your child can sit in the seat with the normal buckle. For an all around seat that is designed for nearly all of the developmental stages, you will want to go with a style known as the convertible car seat.

The baby stroller and car seat that you finally choose should provide your child with comfort and safety while at the same time provide you with simplicity of functionality. You should not have to struggle with baby strollers and car seats.