Baby food jars are handy little containers. Since they are small and clear, they provide an ideal way to store many things in creative new ways. Try these innovative ways to use baby food jars instead of simply tossing them away. Finding ways to recycle and reuse items that would otherwise end up in the trash or the recycling bin saves money while making life a little easier in the process.

  • Use them for Handy Hardware Storage

When looking for creative new ways to use baby food jars, consider using them to create handy hardware storage under a wooden cabinet or shelf. Attach the lids to the underside of a wood shelf or cabinet using nails or wood screws, and fill the jars with nails, screws, washers, thumbtacks or any other small items. Screw the filled baby food jars into place. The items will be out of the way but within easy reach. Best of all the contents will be visible inside the clear glass baby food jars. Labels will not be required.

  • Use Baby Food Jars for Wall Paint Touchups

Painted walls are easy to touch up and improve – if matching paint is available and has not dried up while in storage. When seeking new ways to use baby food jars, consider saving them to hold just enough paint to make small touchups throughout the home. The paint colors are visible and identifiable at a glance, and best of all, the small containers are easy to hold onto when touching up marks, nail holes, repairs and more. They eliminate the need to drag out dirty old cans of paint that might not even be the right colors.

  • Use the Clear Glass Containers for Bulk Spice Storage

Buying spices in bulk can save a lot of money, especially since small one-ounce containers typically found in grocery stores are way overpriced. Use baby food jars to hold bulk spices. If desired, cover the lids with pretty fabric, and print out labels for easy identification. The article entitled How to Make a Homemade Spice Rack includes links to high-quality free printable labels. Use baby food jars instead of the containers recommended in the article. When the lids are decorated, the baby food jars filled with dried herbs and spices will make a very impressive and practical addition to any homemade spice rack.