Once you acclaim that you make food for your baby Infront of work your colleagues or friends that you prepare food for your baby, they undoubtedly start pampering you on the topic that you might be providing awesome birthday parties with your awesome homemade recipes. But let me assure you that you don’t need to dig out to extra time out of your hectic schedule to prepare and cook food for your kid every day. Neither you need to know rocket science, nor you need to learn some cutlery techniques.

For your baby, why preparing food at home is the best option?

There are thousand of reasons to prepare the food for your loved ones at home but out of that here are a few ones that you would really motivate you to cook for your little ones

There must be a thousand blogs over the web regarding the benefits & the usefulness of packaged foods, baby food jars & cans. No doubt they are awesomely the good ones, even better if we calculate on scientific terms, but as we all know they are quite costly. That’s an additional expense on parenting. I am not asking you to stop that, but you can introduce your home made one along with that packaged food because as your baby continues to grow, he/she would start eating home food or normal meal at the end of the day.

Delight the novice taste buds

The packaged food has no doubt different varieties and flavours available, but they are all are same, made of same materials. But when you prepare food at your kitchen you can change the menus everyday to provide your baby with something new to taste every time. Sometimes you can cook vegetables, make purees out of them. Other times fruits can be added along with the vegetables. High protein content like egg, meat can be added in the daily food routine depending on the requirement.

What would be the requirements for preparing baby food?

This would be in general a nightmare for any working mother. Stop panicking and relax. All the instruments cook wares and utilities required for this process is already present in your kitchen.

Do I really need a baby food blender for preparing food for my kid?

Baby food blenders are ultimate instrument in preparing the dish for your little one. But having this one is not compulsory. To understand this, we need to understand what actually the blender does?

The blender is mainly used for mixing the products to produce a perfect blend and to maintain a fine texture of the prepared dish. This is highly needed when you start mixing vegetables along with fruits to produce a mixed puree.

Children didn’t like to taste coarse granules on their lounge and this in generally reduces their affinity towards that particular dish. So, from this it is clear blender is not necessary for cooking a kid dish, but it is a valuable instrument for making that dish favourite for your children.

Methods of preserving the baby food

One of the biggest concerns of preserving baby food is that you can’t use food grade preservatives or even homemade ones at any cost. Now the best option is to prepare fresh foods every day as per the requirement of your kid but that is practically not feasible for working parents.

Generally, purees made once can be preserved in the refrigerator for 14 days without any issue if that can be done properly. Best option is to preserve them in 1 oz of silicon bag. Pour the liquid puree in that and let that refrigerate. When you require that you can get that & pop out 1 solid cube. Get them to the normal temperature by defrosting techniques. I prefer using Lukewarm water for this purpose.