First, ask yourself- Is your baby all set and grown enough to consume solid food? If yes, this article might give you a little insight. The puree is the best way to get all the nutrition in your child. It is easy to make and fun too! You can experiment will all the vegetables and fruits you have stored. The homemade puree is always better than the packaged ones. You ask why? Yes, it is a task. But it is economical and has better quality.

You can monitor what your baby likes and make the puree according to his taste. If not apples, go for the banana. Check what your baby prefers. You can start from scratch and retain all the nutrition too. Save the extra bucks.

Steps & Ingredients to make puree baby food

Puree Baby food would a wholesome dish for the baby that should be tasty on one hand & at the same time it should contain all the necessary nutrients & ingredients on the other hand.

Below mentioned are a few combinations, steps of preparation & storage

  • VegetablesSteam, boil, thaw your veggies according to your preference. Mix it with water or formula to make it smooth.
  • Fruits Smash the fruits to a pulp, blend with a baby food blender mixing it with breast milk
  • Milk– Mashed bananas, oats are the best combination.

Now, coming to storing the food, make sure to store it in a freezer and consume it timely. Do not prepare a whole lot and store it just because you feel a bit lazy. The container might contaminate the food and affect your baby.

Benefits of pure baby food

Now, when we start talking about the benefits & aspects there are a thousand things that pop up on our head. Out of that the below mentioned are a few & those are the most prominent ones

  • Fresh preparation:

This is one thing that can’t be achieved in any other way. The freshness of the body provides the baby with the vitamins, macro & microelements that strengthen the immune system & boost the growth factors while the infant gets a nutritious tongue licking dish. This is one of the ideal ways to avoid chemicals of food processing.

  • Variety in the dishes

Whether it is an infant or an adult, who doesn’t like variety in the dishes? This kind os preparations will be surely delightful to the baby taste buds as it experiences something different every day.

  • Unnecessary overheating & cooking can be avoided

To meet the food safety standards the packaged baby food jar contains materials are over boiled to kill necessary germs & bacteria. This can be easily avoided.

When will it be ideal for your baby to get introduced to solid foods?

American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended waiting until 6 months before introducing solid foods. However, some people start as soon as 4 months as long as certain developmental stages have been reached.

Surely, stick to your baby’s favorite but make sure to bring changes.