Baby food jars add up incredibly fast, and they can be recycled, but they can also be used to create many interesting and eye-catching crafts. Save baby food jars for crafts instead of tossing them into the recycling bin, and make the following easy crafts. These easy crafts make fantastic gifts and party favors, and they can be used to decorate the home and office. They can also be sold at craft bazaars and festivals, and they`re very popular low-cost items. People absolutely love them!
Make Beautiful Sand Art

When looking for easy crafts for kids, consider using empty baby food jars to create beautiful sand art. Create layers of silica sand or colored sand, and use a toothpick to make eye-catching designs along the sides of the baby food jars. Fill them up to the top, and permanently attach the lids with super glue. Cover the lids with fabric, or spray paint the lids before completing fun and easy crafts with empty baby food jars. They make fantastic paperweights and shelf displays.

Create Votive Cups for Flameless Candles

Flameless candles are safe alternatives to ordinary tea lights and votives, and empty baby food jars make fantastic holders for battery-operated varieties. Create beautiful votive cups that will let the light of the flameless candles shine through by coating the glass with iridescent glass paint. After the paint dries, glue beads, small crystals, or faux gems around the rims of the baby food jars to conceal the threads. Add a flameless candle to the votive cups and no one will guess they were originally baby food jars. They can be used to line porch railings and inside areas of the home or office where conventional candles would not be safe.

Make Tiny Acid-Etched Vases

Glass etching is easy, but it takes a little practice. What better way to perfect the technique than with empty glass containers. Use empty baby food jars to practice stencil etching glass. After learning this easy technique with a kit for beginners, begin acid etching baby food jars to make etched vases and votive holders. Cover the threads of the baby food jars with ribbon, faux jewels, glass beads, or crystals. They will look amazing, and baby food jars that would have otherwise ended up in the recycling bin or trash will be put to good use.


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