Making your own baby food

A lot of breastfeeding mothers who are interested in making their own baby food increases their commitment on accelerating the feed of their children as much as possible with arguments that it is not full of her chest, or do not grow up … etc.

When can such an eager mother who are interested in making their own baby food, feed her baby safely and without incurring to any health problems? To answer this question, it is important to say: the milk of mothers with good health and a balanced diet or even a milk bottle equipped with the essential elements, such as iron and vitamin D and others, enough of the child in the first six months of age, and therefore recommend that the nursing mother to start feeding her baby from the end of the sixth month of years old, and the beginning of the seventh month, and must take into account in the feed the following observations:

  1. To use a teaspoon to measure the baby’s mouth perfectly.
  2. Must using food composed of one type, and once in the beginning with a small amount, only (1-2) a small spoon in the first day.
  3. Should preferably be light food and liquid.
  4. The child at the beginning push out the food with his tongue because he does not know how to swallow food, and this observation must be explained to the breastfeeding mother, they think he does not like such food!
  5. Continue breastfeeding mother on the same food every day, Until get used to the child, and do not add a new food before the passage of a sufficient period of (1-2) a week.
  6. No need to insist on the food proved that the child does not love it.
  7. Appetite of the child and his desire is the true measure of the adequacy of food, not the mother’s desire, not even your doctor’s instructions!

What are the types of foods appropriate for the baby?

When you make your own baby first foods, you can choose more nutritious options.

Fresh foods are more nutritious than canned such as :

  • Cereal: Alot of food companies have been always to prepare many kinds of cereal by different ways and forms, and I have known among us (Vouh rice, soup, rice, etc.) and all improved and inlaid with iron and many vitamins, and these can be the start from the end of the sixth month as we mentioned.
  • Fruits: Pressed fruits and filtered fruitswhich are grafted in minerals and vitamins, is a desirable and beneficial food to children. The ripe, fresh and pureed bananas, is ideal food for infants after the sixth month, too, it is easy to digest, and mild laxative for the intestines.
  • Vegetables: It is rich in iron and vitamins, and given to the baby from the seventh month, either after a freshly cooked (such as soup, vegetables, and water spinach) or those commercially prepared.
  • Eggs: Add eggs to baby food at the end of the seventh month as well, and the mother begins to give (egg yolk) that must be boiled well in the beginning, and start by a small quantity (part of the yolk of one egg), then increase the amount gradually until it reaches the yolk of a complete egg with a rate of 1 – 3 times a week. The egg whites should watch out for fear of allergic reactions.
  • Meat: a rich source of protein, iron and vitamins, as well as used from the end of the eighth month, starting with the parent bone with water, and chicken soup, then the liver and cirrus, etc. …
  • Carbohydrates: the last thing to add to the baby food, a silk-screen high-value, and start with potatoes, rice and soup, then bread and pasta.
  • The toasted bread, or roasted potatoes, biscuits, gypsum, etc. … We are giving to the child when we noticed a desire for keeping things in his hand, and this – in fact – is taught him to self-eat slowly …

What about sweets? There is nothing wrong to give the child who is near the end of the first year of agee, some of the sweets made from milk such as: (pudding and alcastr)

The salt: It is true that children like him very much and want to be a salty diet, but not to overload it, respect for the theories, which says: (excessive salt in a small, causing high pressure in old age)!

Coloring agnets and flavors: and which is now in the thousands, we must prevent food companies in our country of use, it has proved its relationship with a lot of allergies, asthma, ulcers of the tongue, and intestinal disorders, joint pain and others.

The easy way to making your own baby food is the simplest and cheapest way Making your own baby food doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming.