Mothers know that purchasing baby food can be quite expensive. In addition to the expense, there is no assurance that the baby food you are getting does not contain added sugar and/or preservatives.
However, a simple and smart method can help mothers save on the purchase of baby food, and guarantee that the baby food does not consume additives you don’t want them to have. In addition, like the slogan often used by the restaurant Burger King, you can, “Have it Your Way”. You won’t be forced to make food choices with limited selections. Let me show you how.

Food Preparation

To get started we can look right into our own refrigerator. What do you have? Perhaps you have fruit, frozen vegetables, or some kind of leftover meat from the night before. That’s perfect!

Let’s start with a frozen vegetable like peas (any frozen vegetable you choose is fine and will be prepared the same way). In order to retain as much of the nutrients within the vegetable as possible, we will cook the peas by steaming them. However, if you don’t have a steamer that’s not a problem, you can cook the peas in a pan on the stove with a little bit of water and on a medium temperature. Once the peas are fully cooked, they can be placed in a blender with just enough water to make for a smooth consistency (not to running and not too thick). The blender setting selected will be “puree”. Most blenders have puree as a setting. It’s important to make sure that the food is pureed just enough to guarantee that there are no large chunks making it difficult for the baby to swallow or even more importantly choke.


That’s right, foodsicle. You may be wondering what exactly is a foodsicle. A foodsicle is a frozen food that is placed into a shaped container, like a popsicle. Therefore, once the peas are pureed to satisfaction, they can be spooned into the spaces of an ice tray (which is the shaped container used). Once the ice tray is filled, it can then be placed into the freezer and left to freeze overnight.

The frozen peas can now be taken out of the ice trays and stored in a snack size Ziploc bag. The Ziploc bag can then be labeled “Peas”. Now, this is where the “Have it Your Way” part comes in. This technique can apply to any fruit, vegetable and/or meat of your choice. The possibilities can be endless. The food item can be placed in ice trays, left to freeze overnight and labeled accordingly. Once the food item has been stored and labeled, it could then be placed back into the freezer where it will remain until it is ready to be cooked.

Cooking the Foodsicle

When ready to cook the frozen pea foodsicle, a small pan on a low heat is all that is needed. The frozen peas will slowly start to un-thaw and fall apart. Occasional stirring is also needed to ensure that the peas cook consistently and do not burn. Once the peas are completely un-thawed and warm to the touch, they are done and ready for baby to eat. It’s important to always check the temperature of the food before serving it to your baby.

You are now on your way to a simpler, smarter way of saving money on baby food.