Once your baby is about six months of age, he or she will be ready to transition from a diet of solely breast milk or formula to solid foods or baby foods. If it is your first baby, you may be surprised at how much the little jars actually cost. Early on, your baby will probably only eat one small jar or less a day as he or she tries each new food. This will not cause a noticeable dent in your budget. However, when he or she starts taking more solid foods and less breast milk or formula, the cost goes up significantly.
In my area, there are four main brands of baby food available for purchase. These include Gerber, Earth’s Best, Nature’s Goodness by Del Monte, and Beechnut.

First of all, each of these companies have a website. If you visit each website and register your email account, you will be able to print out coupons. Gerber and Beechnut email coupons at least once a month. I have not been successful in receiving coupons from Nature’s Goodness after twice registering on their website. Due to this, I have not purchased very much of their baby food. There are also websites that have forums where people will trade various coupons. This is a great way to get coupons that your area does not carry.

Newspaper inserts
Buy your local newspaper on Sundays. If your local Sunday newspaper includes coupon inserts, it is worth the cost which is usually $1-$2 depending on your region. Ask friends or relatives to save their coupons for you.

Weekly store advertisements
The weekly store advertisements are often included in the Sunday newspaper, home mailers or are available online. Combine baby food sales listed in the ads with your coupons. Three of the major grocery stores in my area will double any manufacturer’s coupons up to 50 cents each, for further savings. For example, a local grocery store in my area had jars of Beechnut on sale at 3/$1. I had a coupon for 50 cents off the purchase of 4 jars. My total was $1.36 for the 4 jars before my doubled coupon. However, after my doubled coupon my total was only $0.36! That’s only 9 cents per jar! Take advantage of the buy one get one free sales as many stores will allow you to use buy one get one free manufacturer’s coupons or two coupons to get free baby food.

Make your own baby food.
If you can buy fruits and vegetables in season at a farmer’s market, it will be much cheaper to make some of your own baby food. Simply steam the fruits and vegetables, add a small amount of water and puree in your blender or food processor. Then freeze in ice cube trays until frozen and pop into quart size freezer bags. However, if you are paying $1.29 a pound for sweet potatoes out of season, it is less expensive to buy the containers of baby food on sale with double coupons.