Preparing homemade carrot baby food puree is a greatest idea for your baby and it is very simple to make it at your home. The main reason to make own baby food are simple where it keeps your baby food fresh, most nutritious, freshest and also you should be aware of the ingredients to be used. You need to know the best food to feed your baby and whole food which is very healthy.

The main important thing is should not add salt or sugar when making baby food. These extra flavouring is not good for baby’s health so when making it limit yourself in his/her intake of unnecessary ingredients which is not healthy. One of the easiest food to make for baby is ripe banana, soft avocado preferable organic if it is not possible then can buy fruits and vegetables in the market or nearby farmers. You can mash the banana and avocado with fork and add little water or formula or breast milk if it is too thick. Another simple recipe of homemade food is pureed vegetables for this you can cube and steam the sweet potato and blend it with water and olive oil as smooth consistency. Like this mashed potatoes, buttemut squash, fresh pears, apples, peas and carrots can be used freshly. All of this carrot baby food is the good for baby’s health where carrot should be steamed with little water and smash it with the fork before feeding it to your baby

How to make homemade carrot baby food

Here are some homemade baby food recipes which is very easy to make they are,

  • Banana oatmeal breakfast for 8+ months which can be made of 2 servings ¼ cup of oats and ¾ cup pf formula, breast milk, or a whole milk if a year over with 1 whole banana. Also combine oats, ½ cup milk boil it together and let it cool for 5 min stir it occasionally. Mash the banana and add the rest of the milk to the oats.  
  • Chicken and broccoli for 10+ months it can be made it as 4-6 servings and also can put it in the container and freeze it for a month. 1 boneless skinless chicken breast with 1 bag of broccoli florets and 1 can of cream chicken soup with infant rice cereal. cook chicken and broccoli in chicken broth for an hour then add cream of chicken soup then add rice cereal to desire the consistency and serve it or feed it to the baby.
  • Carrot baby food for 8+ months take 2 carrots with ¼ cup of oats and ¾ cup of formula, breast milk, or a whole milk with it also it can be served as the 2 servings. Steam the carrot with milk and smash it nice it is steamed out also you can add pear, apple or sweet potato in it which is healthier.

Therefore, the healthiest food for baby till 3 years is carrot baby food only. Carrot is very good for health and an eye which has the vitamin A improves the eye sight level. These carrots can be taken in any form after baby grows also giving carrot per day is very good for health.