Doesn’t it feel wonderful to be a new parent? You must be ecstatic to have the bundle of joy along with you all the time. The first 6 months are hectic and you need to feed them breast milk or formula regularly. After that threshold there comes the time when you need to broaden the taste palate of the baby and introduce them to the usual solid foods. Many parents go through a turmoil and they decide on feeding the packaged baby foods that are easily available in the market. We can guarantee you that a home-cooked meal is always better for a baby as it is much more nutritious and it is also made with love. So, we thought of providing some homemade baby food recipes to help out the new parents.

  1. Pumpkin Puree: If you happen to have a baby who is 7 or 8 months old, then he or she is ready to have vegetables. We have a notion that babies hate vegetables and this makes parents steer away from them. This isn’t true and babies can love eating vegetables if they are introduced to it properly. Pumpkin is one such vegetable which is tasty and sweet. To make the puree all you need to do is cut up the pumpkin into small pieces and then spread it evenly on a baking sheet and bake it until the pumpkin is tender. You can also add a little bit of dried thyme to make it tasty. After that mash, it using a fork and let it cool down. We are sure that your baby will love this.
  2. Avocado and Banana Mash: If you didn’t know already both avocados and banana are both nutritious. Make sure to buy ripe avocados and ripe bananas. Along with the mashed fruits, you can add a little lemon juice so that it doesn’t get oxidized. We will also recommend you to blend the fruits to get a smooth texture. If you have an older baby, you can also add a little bit of sugar or honey to make it more palatable for them. If you want to be prepared, then you can make the puree and store it in containers and then freeze it so that it lasts for a long time.

Homemade baby foods are always better for your baby and the best part about it is that you know the things that you are including in the food. Always spend a little more to buy organic and whole foods so that your baby gets to have nutritious food. Before starting on any kind of solid food always consult your pediatrician and they will guide you well. We hope that these recipes will help you to prepare more baby foods in the future as your baby grows up. You can maintain their health and they will have a much better development over the years. So, try them out to see if your little munchkin likes the homemade baby foods!