Homemade food is what our mothers, grandmothers and their mothers have stressed upon for ages! Obviously, there is no doubt in the purity of homemade baby food which is cent percent organic and full of nutrients. As your baby is growing, it has no taste buds for other foods or spices. It only knows milk and formula, so you can introduce healthy food to your baby, and they will adapt to it, unlike adults of course!

Delicious Baby Food Recipes

Here are a few homemade baby food recipes that you baby would love to eat till the last drop.

Sweet potato puree

This puree is bland but one of the baby’s favorite. Boil and mash, it, to add a little honey. Your baby will love this without a doubt.

Brown rice cereal

Brown rice is expensive. Often it comes packaged, which is something you want to avoid. Grind some brown rice at home itself into a powder and whisk it with boiled water, milk, formula and feed it! You can also use the powder for future use. Store in a safe and clean place.


Pumpkin puree is introduced to babies over 6 months. Purees are good for the gums as babies are teething. Mash the baked pumpkin into a fine paste and feed it.


Again, mash the banana and mix milk with it. It is a source of protein.

Avocado and Banana

Avocados are not everyone’s favorite, but people do fancy it. Give it a smooth texture with blending. Add some sugar or honey. Store it safely.

Mashed fruits

I know it is repetitive, but these are the options. Beat the fruits to pulp and feed it to the baby without thinking twice!

Vegetable Puree

Vegetables are not something babies would prefer if given a choice. But it has high nutritional value. Make a puree and mix it.

Other than the mentioned options, remember to feed eggs, fish- tuna, herbs. You can also go with mayonnaise.


Kindly be double cautious while you cook for your baby. Here a few basic key points to remember.

  • Do not store half-eaten baby foods. It breeds bacteria. And with a weak immune system, it could make your lovely kid fall sick quickly.
  • Make sure the ingredients are fresh. Avoid preserved and processed one. If you need anything of that kind, check the quality first or consult your doctor.
  • Try with vegetables and fruits only. Since meats contain complex protein, try to avoid it in the first few months. It would be difficult for the novice digestive system to tackle the digestion of that complex food material.
  • Keep the preparation area and your hands super clean before touching anything. Hygiene is the most important aspect behind any preparation.

Troubles that may arise while preparing food at home

There is no such thing that doesn’t include trouble at all. Every coin has an either side. Similarly, this one too. These are a few disadvantages of homemade baby food recipes:

  • It is time-consuming. You might be tired out from all the blending, mashing, adding.
  • Packaged food is convenient as it comes in exact amounts to be served.
  • Allergic reactions might break dur to introduction of new food items