Even if you are a working mother, you want to find ways to get the time to make organic baby foods at home. Often, resorting to buying from outside is natural, given the busy schedule. Organic baby food isn’t just some fancy food option, it is a habit. Organic baby foods are in demand and can be expensive but with little time and effort, you can make it at home! Consult your baby’s pediatrician to start with organic food.

Blend organic foods perfectly to make the best taste out it

Carrots, bananas, apples, oats are the best options, to begin with. To prepare the best quality, get a food processor, even a small one. Mashing the vegetables or fruits, add breast milk, water, or formula before feeding it to your baby. You can always make some extra and store it for later usage. But, never ever microwave baby food. Investing in a food mill for preparing the baby food recipe that is organic would be a smart choice. Food mill lets you prepare baby food anywhere. Just carry a spoon along and you are good to go. Remember to keep from making the food grainy.

Things to look for while buying organic food

Here is a handy checklist that you should always check while you are buying foods for your baby

  • Organic Baby food is supposed to be natural or healthy. Look for the one with little to no pesticides.
  • Organic food must be friendly for the environment.
  • Always opt for fewer preservatives. You want to give the best to your baby, and preservatives are a big no for the baby food. The chemicals can hamper health.

You can introduce organic baby food in a lot of ways. Some of them being

  • Gerber baby food

USDA Certified Organic products. Introduce between 4-7 months.

  • Sprout baby food

Mostly claimed to be gluten-free but make sure to check with your pediatrician first and get a recommendation.

  • Plum baby food- Non-GMO products.

Choosing the best for your baby can sure be overwhelming. It is necessary to take time and think before deciding. Since a lot depends on childhood food habits, choose only the best and remember to consult your pediatrician.

What should be the basic qualities of ideal organic baby food?

Before choosing organic baby food, consider the following factors:


As discussed, always look for products with no hydrated fat, no MSG, preservatives or pesticides. It will mess with the baby’s growth which is the last thing you want.


You can always make some extra and store & save your time. But, do not store an amount that cannot be consumed within a few days. Organic substances are likely to go bad in a few days as they have no preservatives. Store a small sufficient amount in favorable conditions.


Organic baby food recipes are not only healthy, but it gives you the control of what you introduce to your baby which is likely to develop into a good habit later on. You have full control to choose from the healthiest and not let anything hamper the baby’s health. It is important to add nutritious food to the baby’s diet.