If you are the parent of a baby eating strained food, you go through baby food containers and jars very quickly. If you’re like me, you’ve been saving them thinking that there must be something you can do with them. Well, there is! In this article you’ll find ideas for reusing baby food jars and plastic baby food containers around the house.
Glass Baby Food Jars. Four and six ounce glass baby food jars are very versatile when it comes to reusing them. You can use them to melt butter in the microwave, or hold Q-tips in the bathroom. Nail the lids of glass baby food jars to the underneath of a shelf in the garage or workshop and use to sort different sizes of nails and screws.

Once you have collected enough empty glass baby food jars, you can make your own spice rack. Carefully label each jar using a permanent marker or paint pen. Fill with spices from their mismatched containers and you’ll have a matching set of spices!

Make candles in glass baby food jars by melting broken crayons and pouring around a length of wick bought at a craft store. You can even scent the candles by adding essential oils.

You can make a snow globe out of an empty glass baby food jar. Fill the jar with baby oil and a little water, add a teaspoon of glitter, hot glue a figurine to the lid, and hot glue the lid shut. There are many other craft ideas using baby food jars available on the internet.

Plastic Baby Food Containers. Some plastic baby food containers are not suitable for reuse due to the type of food they contained. If a plastic baby food container is still stained after being washed in the dishwasher it is probably ready to be recycled – unless you can use for something messy, such as a paint tray. Empty plastic baby food containers can be used to freeze homemade baby food into perfect baby portions. They can also be used to store homemade playdough to keep it soft. Or they can be used as containers for collecting seashells or cool rocks

All Baby Food Containers. Both glass baby food jars or plastic baby food containers can be used to sort things. The empty containers can be used to sort craft items such as buttons, sewing notions, scrapbooking embellishments, or beads. An empty baby food container could be used to sort desk items such as thumbtacks, paper clips and rubberbands. They can also be used as a container for small amounts of leftovers. Finally, you can use them to pack finger foods to put in the diaper bag for an outing.