At a recent trip to the grocery store my wife and I spend $51 on food and diapers for our seven month old daughter. We were amazed by how much were were able to purchase on our budget. We owe the great value to those little pieces of paper that we cut out from store fliers, newspapers and the mail. We saved exactly $24 on babyfood and diapers because we spent 10 minutes on Sunday moring to collect and gather coupons for the products we need.
Some people don’t like to spend time cutting coupons because saving 50 cents or $1 on a particular item isn’t worth the time or the effort. I tell these people that when you take the two minutes to find the scissors, cut the “$1 off” coupon out and put it into your pocket for future use you are averaging $30 per hour. My wife spent 10 minutes cutting coupons that save us $24 dollars which is averaging $144 per hour for the time she snipping the penny saver. Hey, like they say a dollar saved is a dollar earned.

You can find coupons everywhere. The Sunday edition of your local newspaper will have many coupons to choose from. If you don’t recieve the Sunday paper you can borrow one from a neighbor but more realistically, you can search for other opportunities to find coupons. Your grocery store might print a circular that can be picked up in the front of the stores. These will show you what the deals are. You can also print coupons off the internet. Company websites often have coupons that you can print off or if you provide an email address, they will periodically email you a chance to save on their product. If they ask for your address, expect plenty of opportunities to save in you mail.

In this economy, every dollar counts. Like most families we live on a budget. We all need to eat, and using coupons is a great way to get more for your money. Not only do we use coupons for purchasing baby food, we use them to purchase food for ourselves as well as personal care products. Saving a quarter here, a buck there will add up to serious cash at the end of the year. Hey, it’s free money!