Your baby develops a sense of taste while growing up. It is important to introduce them to healthy food before they start avoiding it completely. You will get parenting advice from everyone around you. However, most of them are myths especially when it comes to food.

What are items that should be avoided as a baby food?

Now, standing in today’s world almost every item comes with minor ingredients that doesn’t suit it to become a proper baby food. But still if we overlook that these are a a couple of food items to avoided for a baby when he starts eating food from sucking milk

Cow Milk

Cow’s milk has this notion of being healthy for kids but it is not. Children can be lactose intolerant and the enzymes can disrupt their normal bodily functions.


This contains caffeine and it is natural that kids are not to be fed caffeine especially under the age of five.


A lot of people are allergic to seafood and so can be babies.


Our grandmothers consider this as a good option but trust me it is not! Honey has Clostridium Botulinum, which can be tolerated by adults but not by babies.

Egg whites

The albumin is not healthy for a baby. Stick to feeding yolks.

Other foods are – shellfish, raw veggies, canned juice.

Why to go for sprout recipes?

There are several hundred items to choose but why will you go for the sprout recipes. The answer to this question lies in its preparation.

These are items prepared by organic food materials and are completely devoid of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, flavors, etc. Even these foods come with materials are that generally avoid allergic reactions to the body.

It is important to choose sprout baby food according to stages. Blend and make puree out of plum, bananas, blueberry, quinoa, beans, and potatoes.

Baby food blenders come handy and you can ensure the best food to feed your baby. And proper blend always gives a nice texture that your baby would love to taste & swallow.

Where to buy?

Sprout Foods was established in the year 2008 with the target audience of parents, especially mothers.

Shopping takes up a lot of effort and time. It is advised to shop online. Go to the website and with few clicks, do a hassle-free shopping. You can save yourself the effort of looking and comparing products in the store and not concluding.

The product range is –

  • For stage 1 (below 6 months) – Single fruit and veggies Purees
  • Six months and up – Broth protein, Plant Protein Blends, Fruit and veggie blends, Fruit, veggie and grain blends, Quinoa puffs and Teetherz
  • Eight months and up – Hearty blends, Plant protein blends
  • Toddler Purees- Power Pak and smoothies

Sprout Baby Foods are gluten-free and devoid of wheat too, so that cross-contamination is avoided. These are really handy items that can reduce your inconvenience of buying proper ingredients, mixing and preparing them in correct proportion. On the other you remain worriless that your baby has received the proper nutrition.