Being a mother is a non-stop job. Once you are a mother, you are solely responsible for the health and growth of your baby. You can take help of elders, go through the magazines, and also consult the doctor, but remember, a mother can take the best decision for her baby. Now, once your baby starts growing, you need to have knowledge about feeding it. There is nothing comparable to the mother’s breast milk, but once they grow they also need foods to get the proper nutrition. If you are expecting, or have become a new mom, here are the baby food stages that will help you to decide what to feed your baby and when.

Stage 1: from 4 to 6 Months

Though breast milk is the only nutritious food you can give to your baby, there are certain other essential foods also that you can provide him/her. At this age, you can give your baby a single-grain cereal. These are fortified cereals which are a rich source of iron that your baby needs now. According to experts, a baby born with an iron reserve in their body which gets reduced when they grow, so you should give foods with iron in it. You can prepare the baby formula with water or breast milk and feed your baby at this stage.

Stage 2: from 6 to 8 months

Continue with breast milk and cereal and start giving additional foods to your baby for more nutrition. Pureed and smashed fruits you can add to his/her diet now. Make sure you make the puree of one single fruit and strain it well. Usually, you can feed your baby banana, apple, pears, prunes, apricots, etc. Besides these, you can also add yogurt to your baby’s diet. You can go to soy-based or whole milk yogurt. You need to boil the fruits well and then strain well to get the puree. Mix a little amount of water, or breast milk or baby formula with it and feed it. In the beginning, you can make it liquid and then go for more consistency when your baby starts having solid foods. Besides food, you can also make a puree of certain vegetables, like potatoes, carrots, avocados, peas, squashes, etc. From this time, you should be aware of the protein need of your baby. So, you can feed him/her pea-sized chicken, or turkey, fish, black beans, lentils, red, or pinto beans, and so on.

Stage 3: from 8 to 10 Months

Along with mashed fruits and vegetables, you can feed your baby eggs from this stage. At Stage 3, you don’t need to make a puree, just soften the fruit and vegetable and feed them. You can also give them finger foods, like cereals, pasta, or vegetables from this time. You can also give a small amount of cottage cheese to your baby.

So, these are the stages you can follow while feeding your baby. Feed them slowly and also check out which things they like the most. Monitor their growth and if it is needed, you can consult a pediatrician too.