If you are a new mom and there is no one to help you around, you often get confused about taking care of your baby. The first question that disturbs the mothers is what to feed their baby when they are growing up. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a baby should be fed on breast milk for up to six months. If possible, then you can continue up to one year also. But, besides breast milk, you should make your baby get used to with other types of foods. In the beginning, you should go with liquids and slowly try giving him/her the solid foods. You can rely on formula food, like Gerber baby food and likewise, but there are certain home foods that you must give to your baby. What are the best types of food for babies?

  • Vegetables

Once your baby is for six months, you can start giving him/her vegetables. Always peel off the fresh veggies and boil it to make soft. If your baby is 6 to 8 months old, you can give it puree of vegetables by smashing and straining those. When you are giving vegetables for the first time, you can add water or breast milk into the puree to make it more liquid. Soon, you need to try to give it thick consistency to make your baby get used to with solid foods. According to experts, you should start feeding vegetables to your baby from 5 months also. If you make too much delay in it, your baby may reject anything new he/she is fed. What types of vegetables you can feed your baby? Preferably, you can go for carrots, potato, sweet potato, peas, etc. and babies will like these because of their sweet taste. Though kale, broccoli, spinach, watercress, etc. are quite healthy, babies won’t like the flavor and don’t want to eat those. Instead of forcing them, try those a few days later.

  • Meat and Poultry

This is the next important thing you need to feed your baby while it is growing up. Protein elements will assist in their growth and make them stronger from inside. Once your baby is of six to seven months, you can feed pea-sized meat, specifically, chicken and turkey to your baby. As meat is a rich source of iron, vitamin D, and zinc, you can give your baby these foods. While cooking meat for kids, make sure it is cooked properly and also remove all the bones.

  • Fish

Well-mashed fish is good for babies after six months. Fish is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Besides, the omega-3 fatty acid in fish is good for the brain development of your baby. While giving fish to your baby make sure it is cooked well. You should not give fishes, like shark, marlin, swordfish, etc. to your baby.

While giving any foods to your baby you need to be sure whether your baby is allergic to anything or not. Consult the doctor and know the perfect diet of your baby.