When your baby starts growing, you often get confused about what to feed your baby and whatnot. You think whether sprout baby food is good or you need to feed anything else to your baby. Once your baby starts eating solids, you need to make a diet chart and follow it. Remember, your baby will grow a sense of taste. It may be difficult to feed boring things, like broccoli, kale, spinach, etc. to them. Instead of forcing them to eat those, you can give them something new to have and then again try with these things. If your baby or toddler make faces while eating something new, it doesn’t always mean that he/she is not liking that, but maybe your baby is getting used to with the new taste.

While you will get lots of guidance on what to feed your baby, you should also know about avoiding certain food elements. Today, we will discuss those only.

  • Honey

Though the elderly women of your house will opine to give honey to your little one, you should keep it stay away from honey till his/her one year of the birthday. Honey contains bacteria, Clostridium Botulinum which is harmless for the adults but may cause dangerous for babies. It can cause poor digestion, constipation, lack of appetite, weakness, dehydration, and even pneumonia.

  • Milk

You may get surprised as milk is considered to be a superfood for babies. But, apart from breast milk and baby’s formula, you can’t give them cow’s milk or soy milk from the carton. As those types of products contain protein, which your baby may not digest while they are still growing. Also, the enzymes in that milk can be harsh for their growing kidneys. Often babies get allergic to dairy products from childhood; so you can keep your baby away from milk.

  • Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is indeed considered one of the most favorite foods of the kids as they like it as bread spread. But, you need to know whether your baby is allergic to it or not. Don’t give it to your baby before the age of four. And after that, you can give pea-sized peanut butter to your kid and check if he/she has any side effects or not.

  • Chocolate

This is one of the fun foods that your kid loves the most. But, you should take care that they only get a certain amount after five only. Chocolate contains caffeine which can be harmful to your baby. Besides, when your baby is having solids, he/she may go through the troubled tummy. Chocolate can worsen the situation. The high sugar contents in chocolate should also be avoided when it comes to babies.

So, these are certain foods that you should not give to your baby until he/she is grown enough to consume those. Besides these, you should avoid shellfish, seafood, egg whites, canned juice, raw vegetables, etc.