Babies are the purest creatures of the entire universe. The tenderness of their touch provides additional responsibility for extra care. You need to look after mood, health and body movement 24/7. The initial days are meant for speedy growth of the baby. Hence proper diet and sleep is the ultimate requirement of a baby. However, in the first 6 months, baby fed on breast milk or infant formula. In case of insufficient breast milk infant formula is provided in different flavors. The artificial formula is counted on months at the first level and then count is maintained on years.

You need to increase the quantity and variety of food on every passing day. Solid food is the ultimate requirement for the healthy growth of the baby. Possible signs for the detection of readiness of the baby are-

  1. The baby must be six months old.
  2. The baby must be able to sit without support.
  3. Baby should have forgotten the tongue-thrust reflex. It means they should not push the given food out of their mouth using tongue.
  4. The baby must have learned the ability to pick between his fingers and thumb.


The babies are very soft and have a high reflex in moods. You need to look after every moment of them before starting solid food.

  1. You need to nurse your baby tenderly giving them food. You can start this ritual right after the first birthday. A baby is more fond of mother’s milk although shows a deliberate interest in new food if he is not extensively hungry. The first year is for experimenting with food. You need to check their reaction to the new taste and modify them according to their likings.
  2. A baby follows different ways of having food. Some like to sit on high chair while some likes to sit on someone’s lap.
  3. Start giving a small amount of food in the initial days. Your baby is adapting to new pattern of food. Hence you need to provide time.
  4. If the baby turns down the food at one go try some other day. Offering multiple times will result in the adaptation of the new taste.


Babies at the initial stages are provided blended food for their easy gulping. However blended food does make the eating process easy for the mothers as well. There are many baby food blenders available in e-stores.

Philips Avent Combined Steamer And Blender: It is one of the high demanded food blenders available online. The best part of the blender s you can process food of your desired quantity. Once your child starts growing you can adjust the food consistency with the pulse knob and determines the coarse texture of the food. In these ways you make your baby learn the process of chewing.

There are many food blenders highly specific for babies that are available in the offline and online markets. You need to look for the durability of the product and warranty period. The blended should comprise of texture changing facilities. It is important to make the food habits of the child healthy once he learns the art of growing.