I myself have never had children but I’ve seen a lot of family members and friends use empty baby food jars in ways that are quite creative. Empty baby food jars can be versatile and save money. Consider the following ways to use empty baby food jars.

  • Painting

When I was in high school our art teacher would use baby food jars as water containers to clean our paint brushes. She would also sometimes store leftover acrylic paint inside them. They worked great as paint brush cleaners because they were small enough that they were easy to clean but also sturdy enough to not fall over as we swished our brushes inside of them.

  • Lotions and Creams

If you happen to be traveling and do not have any portable plastic containers used for storing lotions and creams try using an empty jar. As long as the lid is air tight and it is packed correctly there should be no problems.

  • Salad Dressings

I used to work retail and a coworker of mine had a nine-month-old baby girl at the time. She would clean the empty baby food jars by soaking them in water and bleach. Then she would use them to store her dressings. She said she preferred using the glass container versus plastic ones because it didn’t alter the flavor of the dressing.

  • Storing Beads

I have many friends and family members who are avid crafters or jewelry. One of my friends makes great use out of empty baby food jars by using them to store her beads. She keeps them nicely organized on a shelf and likes that since the glass is clear she can see and find what she needs quickly.

  • Seasonings

Often times seasonings come in packets that are plastic thus making them harder to use. When seasonings are in packets it also makes them harder to store and measuring them can be a hassle. Instead try using an empty infant food jar to solve the problem. Punch holes into the lid and then fill the container with your favorite spice or seasoning.