Your baby is growing. This is such a nice feeling to see him/her getting on their feet, listening to one or two words out of their mouth and so on. But, this is the time when you need to be more careful about their food and complete diet. You can consult the pediatrician and also a nutritionist for better advice. They may suggest you giving carrot baby food or other types of simple yet nutritious foods to your kids. Today, when moms are busy in managing jobs and all, knowing these things will make them stress-free. So, here are certain types of foods that you can give to your baby once they start having solids.

  • Sweet Potato

Babies often prefer having sweet potatoes because of their naturally sweet taste. This vegetable is full of anti-oxidants and also a rich source of potassium, vitamin C, fiber, and the beta carotene. What you need to do is to boil sweet potato well and mash it into a thick paste. Make this puree smooth and feed your baby. Your baby will love it to have.

  • Bananas

Your doctor and also your mom will suggest you feed a banana to your baby. Banana is a powerhouse of nutrition. It is full of potassium and carbohydrates that will provide enough energy to your baby’s body and keep him active. If you are serving banana to your kid, make sure it is ripe enough. Always mash it well and then feed with a spoon. When your baby grows a bit more, give her slices of banana as finger food. The sweetness will make them happy while the nutrients will serve them the best.

  • Avocado

If you are confused about what type of vegetable or fruit you can give to your baby, you can go for avocado. When your kid grows, he/she needs protein for muscle growth and other buildups. For the vegans, avocado is a great source of protein that you can give to your baby. Always give them ripe and mashed avocados. Remember, avocado is full of fat, so it will make your baby full soon. Serve a little amount to your baby along with other foods.

  • Carrots

This is another vegetable that kids will prefer a lot because of its color and taste. Boil carrots well and mash it up while serving your baby. Also, you can give a small piece of carrot to your baby as finger food. The antioxidants in carrots are good for their heart, skin, and hair. It contains beta-carotene that takes good care of your baby’s eyes.

  • Squash

This vegetable is full of vitamin c, fiber, potassium, folate, and omega-3 fatty acids. So, mashed squash is a superfood for your baby.

Here are certain foods that you can give your baby when it starts having solids. Besides these, you can also give animal proteins, like egg whites, chicken, etc.